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Glenlivet 25 700ml

Glenlivet 25 700ml


• Product Description:


The oldest, permanent expression in The Glenlivet 

range. The Glenlivet XXV is an extremely rare 

whisky finished in hand selected sherry casks. 

The Glenlivet XXV continues to excite the single 

malt connoisseur and drive profitability. Growing 

+42% in volume, +47% in value. 


• Tasting Notes:


Nose – Intense, deep and creamy. Exotic oakiness 

mixed with dark chocolate with scents of dried 


Palate – Sweet at first, evolving into indulgent 

spice with a medley of ginger, cinnamon, all spice 

and nutumeg. 

Finish – Incredibly long, rich and balanced.