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Glenlivet 15 YO 700 ml

Glenlivet 15 YO 700 ml


• Product Description 


The 15 Year Old’s distinctive character is the result of selective maturation; a proportion of the spirit is matured in a selection of French  

Oak casks for a limited period, so as not to overpower the final result. 

The Glenlivet was one of the first distilleries to use French Oak in the whisky making process, a technique that has since been imitated by  

many others. 

LimousinOak, which is cut in the Dordogne region of France, is often used to mature fine wines and cognacs. In the case of The Glenlivet,  

its low density allows the spirit to penetrate deep into the wood, imparting the expression’s distinctive spiciness. 

The French Oak also increases the intensity of the whisky, resulting in a richer and creamier finish. 


• Tasting Notes 


Character: The rich and exotic one 

Colour: Deep and intense gold 

Nose: Creamy and rich with buttery notes 

Palate: Fruity, nutty flavours 

Finish: Lingering trace of sweet almonds and hints of spice 


• Awards  

International Spirits Challenge 2021 – Gold Award 


Classic Serve  

Full Scottish


Ingredients : 

• 50ml The Glenlivet 15yr old 

• 20ml lemon juice 

• 15ml white port/ruby port 

• 5ml simple syrup 

• 15ml orange marmalade 


How to Serve :  


Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, including the marmalade. Shake hard and strain into a whisky tumbler filled with cubed ice. Garnish with  thin strips of orange zest similar to the ones found in marmalade.