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Glenlivet Captain Reserve 700 ml

Glenlivet Captain Reserve 700 ml


• Product Description 


Selectively finished in high quality cognac casks. 

The rich and intense flavor unites the raisin-rich honey and spicy notes of cognac with the smooth citrus profile 

of The Glenlivet’s distinctive Speyside style. 


• Tasting Notes 


Colour– Rich gold 

Flavour – Succulentflavours of mandarin syrup,ripe poached pears and chocolate dipped-raisins. 

Nose – sweet and fruity aromas of honey and apricot jam, with notes of sweet cinnamon bread and subtle 

sensation ofspicy liquorice. 

• Awards  

International Spirits Challenge 2021 – Gold Award 


Classic Serve 


The Side Kick 

Ingredients : 

• 50ml The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve 

• 10ml palo cortado sherry 

• 20ml lemon 

• 25ml almond orgeat 

• 2 dashes barrel aged bitters 


How to serve :  


• Shake and strain into a coupette, grate nutmeg.